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Applications go here!

Please post your application for houses_unite here. Check the taken list here before applying with a desired character. All comments are screened for privacy. Thanks. :)

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Name: Cassie
LJ Username: beautifulovexo
Age: 15
Email Address: cassieassie11@hotmail.com
AIM Account: dude youu fugly
Time Zone: EST
RP Experience: [Bad username: eastwildcats_rpg] & x_wishuponastar.


Desired Character: Hermione Granger
Description: She has bushy brown hair and brown eyes. Her best friends are Harry Potter & Ron Weasley. She is a muggle & is a Gryffindor.
Person You Wish To Represent Your Character: Emma Watson
Personality: She can be nice unless you offend her or her friends in any sort of way. She tends to bicker with Ron alot. She is very smart and sometimes brags about it. She tries to get HArry & Ron to study but it never works and she tends to write bits and pieces of their homework, more so Ron's. She's sworn enemies with Malfoy, as well as most everyone in Gryffindor. Hermione is also very clever and can keep her promises.
History: She's been by Harry's side since he saved her from the troll (& Ron's side also), she was Viktor Krum's date to the Yule Ball, and helped Harry form Dumbledore's Army. She also fought alongside her friends against the Deatheaters in OotP.
Sample RP: I've taken more classes than needed again and I've been doing pretty well. Professor McGonigall gave me another time turner for it and the homeowrk load hasn't been anything I can't handle. It's only been about a week since Hogwarts started up again and Ron's already asked me to 'help' him with his Potions essay on how to concoct a healing potion. It shouldn't be too hard since I've known how to do one since our third year.
Accepted, of course. :)

Reply here with your username. The trio's fifth year will begin soon.
Here's her username =]. Sorry it took so long.
It's fine. I'll add it to the taken list.
Oh, and be sure to have her join the community, etc.

Screened comment

Of course you're accepted. :)

Just let me know what the username is and I'll add you onto the taken list.
This is George's journal name. I'm working on Harry's. :-)
Okay :)

I'll add and update everything later!
Haha, and here's Harry's name (as if you hadn't guessed)!
haha I love it <3

Name: Laurel
LJ Username: n/a
Age: 21
Email Address: mybeautiful_nightmare@yahoo.com
AIM Account: raven haired cho
Time Zone: California
RP Experience: This RP, plus currently in one called 'Noonshade' on GJ; been in countless ones before, but I couldn't name any of the others. =P


Desired Character: Hannah Abbott
Description: She has medium length blonde hair, that is no longer worn up in pony tails. She has a small build to her and is very petite. She likes to wear her school clothes, but when not wearing those, she'll have on a skirt of some kind, with a nice blouse to match, even when relaxing. Rarely will you see her in a t-shirt and jeans. She is a muggle born.
Person You Wish To Represent Your Character: Hayden Panettiere
Personality: A well mannered, sweet girl who would get along with anyone, if she just had the guts to meet people outside her own house. She's incredibly shy and usually just hands around with the rest of the Hufflepuff crowd, especially Ernie Macmillian, Susan Bones, and Justin Finch-Fletchley. She is incredibly gullible and stresses out easily over homework or schoolwork.
History: Hannah is believed that Harry was the Heir of Slytherin, but soon learned that he was a good guy. Although she supported Cedric Diggory throughout the Triwizard Tournament, she remained on good terms with Harry, believing his testimony of Voldemort's return.
Sample RP: Here! (On my journal I would use, shy_hannah. I used it for this community last time! ^^
accepted. i'll update the taken list with her name later. :)