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An AU Fifth Year Harry Potter RPG

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GREETINGS, everyone. This is a Harry Potter RPG set in the beginning of the trio's (Harry, Hermione, and Ron) fifth year at Hogwarts. It will be AU (Alternate Universe) and veer off from Order of the Phoenix canon, although everything that occurred before OotP still holds true. The RPG will focus mainly on school life at Hogwarts, but may include Voldemort later on.

1. Obviously, it would be a good idea to be relatively familiar with the Harry Potter universe in order to play, but if you need explanations, just ask at houses_ooc -- that community is for questions, requests, or even general plot discussion. If you need to ask someone something Out of Character in a conversation, make sure to specify that it's OOC so that there's no confusion. :)
2. We don't currently have a limit to the amount of characters each person can play, but make sure you can be active with them.
3. We're not accepting original characters at the moment, as we have plenty of free characters that can be developed.
4. Please try to keep your character as in-character as possible. Don't have Draco start a "Save the Muggles" foundation or Neville magically be ace at Potions or Luna suddenly become "normal" by common standards. (I have nothing but love for Luna, by the way.) This RPG may be AU, but that's just silliness.
5. Dn't tiPe leik ths oR i m@y hAff 2 strngle u plzkthnx. <3
6. If you're going to have anything extreme happen (ex: character death, murder, pregnacy, etc) please check in with the mods first. :)
7. Journal entries are written in the first person and will be roleplayed that way as well. :) As far as we're concerned, Dumbledore gave them all charmed journals.
8. Please don't try and take over someone else's character. If you want to do something major with another person's character, go ahead and check in with them first. 'Tis common courtesy. :)
9. As much as we love our characters, they are not all-knowing, so try and refrain
from having them know information they shouldn't.
10. This is going to be a Friends Only RPG, so please friends-lock your entries.
11. BE NICE. No drama, please. Keep OOC stuff out of the RP.
12. Only apply if you're willing to commit. You must update at least once a week and try to comment/reply to other character's journals as well.

Please apply here.

We will not be accepting Original Characters at the given moment, as we have so many free canon characters that have plenty of room to build and create personalities for. If there's any canon character you would like to play that isn't included, please feel free to apply for the character. I simply added the ones that came to mind or seemed like they might feasibly be wanted. :)

You can find a list of the taken and available characters here.

You can find the friends add/remove tool for quick adds and removes for the rest of the members here.

Emma: orpheous87
Meme: memeann012084
Morgan: britain
Steffie: spellbounded

Mod Email Address: housesunitemods@gmail.com